Data Shard with MySQL Fabric and Connector/J

14:10 - 14:55


MySQL Principal Sales Consultant

現任甲骨文公司 MySQL 銷售顧問,負責大中華及亞洲地區 MySQL 的技術推廣及項目的推動和技術指導。

Data Shard is a technique that been used when applications that need to handle petabytes of data, however it will introduce complexity to the applications and jeopardize the maintainability. To solve this issue, Oracle released opensource framework - MySQL Fabric, by applying MySQL Fabric and Connector/J enable us doing data shard and minimize modification and complexity with the Java applications, it also reduce workload when configuring and maintaining sharding architecture. By join this session you will understand the features from MySQL Fabric, and how it works with Connector/J to enables your Java applications handle tables that shard across multiple database instances, and support high availability by failing over between MySQL master and slave servers.