How Goldman Sachs Is Using and Contributing to OpenJDK

14:10 - 14:55


Vice President

Sunny Chan 目前任職於一家大型投資銀行,專門在Java相關問題上為開發人員提供技術支援與顧問服務。他的團隊所專注的工作主要在 JVM、Java SE 及 Java EE 的效能調校與問題解決等相關技術問題,同時也負責評估 Java 相關的技術發展方向。在此之前,Sunny Chan 曾在 IBM 英國赫胥黎開發實驗室(IBM Hursley Development Laboratory)的 Java 技術中心擔任開發者,專門開發與支援IBM的JVM。Sunny Chan 也是香港 Java User Group 的主持人。

Java has long been one of the main development languages at Goldman Sachs. Not only have we written hundreds of millions of lines of Java code over the years, we push the boundary of the JVM to the limit to suit our business needs. We signed the Oracle Contributors Agreement in 2013, and have been contributing to the OpenJDK ever since.
In this presentation, we gave the history of Java at Goldman Sachs, explaining why we got involved in the OpenJDK project and how we use it in our environment, along with a few real-life scenarios as case studies.