CDI and EJB - What are the differences?

Marcus Schiesser

Kosmos Systems

Marcus came from Germany to work as a Manager for Kosmos Systems in Taiwan.

He's using Java till its first release in 1996 and wrote together with his old friend Martin the first German book on Java EE 7: Workshop Java EE 7 - which was rated 4.5 of 5 stars on amazon.

Together they also founded the platform where they are publishing easy to read books on Java.

Since Version 6 the Java Enterprise Edition supports two different container technologies: CDI and EJB.
In most use cases either technology or a mix of both can be used.
As this is very confusing for developers, this talk intents to bring light into the darkness by covering the following topics:

- Short introduction into each of these technologies
- Comparison of the different component lifecycles in EJB and CDI
- Showing the advantages of CDI and EJB

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