Renaissance of JUnit - Introduction to JUnit 5

Jimmy Lu

Software Engineer

Jimmy Lu (盧松筠) is currently working at Digital River, Inc. as a software engineer in catalog team. He has more than five years of experience on implementing Spring-based applications. He mainly focuses on building microservices related infrastructures. He loves to code and is recently interested in reactive programming and distributed systems. He would like to make more contributions to communities in the future.

Everyone who has coded in Java must had experiences writing test with JUnit. It has been a decade after the first release of JUnit 4. since then, things change a lot. At the moment JUnit 4 was developed, Java is still at the version 5 and Java 9 is almost out! However, as the most popular testing framework and test engine in Java ecosystem, it doesn’t seem to keep up with these changes. JUnit contributors and the community realized the issue, which lead them to the initiation of the crowdfunding and JUnit Lambda project, aiming to create the next generation of JUnit. After one year of heavy development, the first milestone of JUnit 5 has been released on July 7 and the GA will soon to be released in late 2016. In this talk, I’ll talk about new features, improvements to the issues that has been addressed in JUnit 4, new programming models and testing styles, and Java 8 supports in JUnit5.

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