Cloud Computing Applications - Hazelcast, Spark and Ignite

Joseph Kuo

Senior Software Engineer

十五歲獲贈被淘汰的 386 電腦,沒有硬碟和光碟機而無法玩大補帖,只好改玩程式設計,從此走上這條不歸路。高中時不小心用 BASIC 寫了行事曆系統,大學唸數學副修資工時玩 C/C++/Java,弄了 BBS、討論區、部落格、電子商務平台、進銷存系統和一堆小程式,也順手用 LPC 語言寫 MUD。出社會擔任過講師教導各式電腦相關課程,曾在加值簡訊服務商、遊戲雲端平台公司、全球電子商務網站公司、以及資安防護公司中工作,負責程式撰寫、網站開發、軟體設計、架構規劃、技術教學,並參與過各式大型專案規劃與開發。專長是 Java 語言、軟體工程及架構、Design Pattern、Spring/Hibernate、Cloud Computing、Open Source 及各式相關技術。狂熱地喜愛把玩各種新知技術,願望是能一輩子寫程式寫到老。

This session aims to establish applications running against distributed and scalable system, or as we know cloud computing system. We will introduce you not only briefing of Hazelcast but also some deep kernel of it, and how it works with Spark, the famous Map-reduce library. Furthermore, we will introduce another in-memory cache called Apache Ignite and compare it with Hazelcast to see what's the difference between them. In the end, we will give a demonstration showing how Hazelcast and Spark work together well to form a cloud-base service which is distributed, flexible, reliable, available, scalable and stable.

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