Firefox Rocket: Firebase(Content Provider, Modulization, Debugging) & L10n

Nevin Chen

Android Developer

Senior software engineer in Mozilla Taiwan

Teng-Pao Yu

Senior software engineer @ Mozilla Taiwan

Part 1.
In Mozilla, users can decide if they want to share their usage data or not. FIrebase is a good tool for crash reporting, analytics, and cloud messaging. But there's no document how to disable all of them at runtime. During the development, I get some insights about Content Provider, Modulization, and debugging skills.

Part 2.
L10n is a big part for project growth. In this talk, we'll like to share with you how we did it with automation. And how we work with our community around the world.

1. How do the items in Firebase work?
2. How does Firebase get initialized?
3. How to disable/enable them?
4. Android2Po
5. Android Locale API and l10n

1. 本場次為English