Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation in Java 9


jserv 台灣國立成功大學 / 資訊工程系 / 助理教授

中學時偶然瞥見 Java 廣告,抓取首個 Beta 版本的 JDK 和 HotJava 瀏覽器來玩,參與一些伺服器端的應用後,轉向 Java 虛擬機器的開發,過去是世界上首個開放原始碼 Java 虛擬機器專案 Kaffe VM 的開發者,後來協助 GCC 的 Java 實做開發,最近投身於 Java 為基礎的加密貨幣系統。

The experimental implementation of AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation is
included in Java 9 to improve application startup times with limited
impact on peak performance. AOT compiles classes into native code
before launching Java virtual machine. Because Java programs can
become so large, it takes a long time for the current JIT compilation
to warm up completely, so infrequently used Java methods may not get
compiled at all. In this session, we will address the opportunity for
experts to find possible use cases and see where it could provide
measurable benefits in practice.

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